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Online Systems and Innovation (OSI Inc.) is a young and dynamic company specializing in system integration and development. The company was established to provide reliable yet cost-efficient solutions to businesses.

OSI Inc. acts as a Consultant to its partners by providing a strategic approach based on their immediate needs and challenges, thus providing a cost-effective solutions which will enable its partners to grow its business.

In a modern world powered by technology, the team behind OSI Inc. still believes in the value of personal relationship with partners.


A web-based solution that automates the many and complex school processes from registration, collection, grading system and communication to parents.

It promotes productivity and efficiency among school admin and faculty, cost effectiveness, and provides convenience to parents and students resulting to better administration by school owners, offices, and stake holders.

100% Web-based
Integrated Solution
Easy to use


An online system that enables management and delivery of lessons and assessments. ELS provides a flexible and effective learning system that enables students to maximize learnings in a virtual classroom learning environment. For the faculty, it provides a system of making learning more accessible and user-friendly to students.

As ELS is integrated to ISMS, both systems limit manual interventions resulting to more time dedicated to analyzing and improving individual performance.

100% Web-based
Integrated to ISMS
Easy to use


An ID tagging technology that promotes security and convenience. RFID ensures easier tracking of students inside the school premises, real-time monitoring of their attendance and on-time receipt of messages through bulk SMS notification.

RFID technology is so versatile that the data collected can be used for analytics thus aiding decisions of school officers and stake holders.

Integrated to ISMS
Masked Number
Easy Monitoring of Students


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